4 Social Media Tips to get you Started

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to do first to promote your business online on social media?


There are so many free social media options out there, how can one manage them all, right?

To begin, remember you do not have to try to do them all.

Start with your personal favorite. Do a little research. 

  • Which ones are your customers on?
  • What are your competitors using for theirs?

Once you nail down and open one of your favorites – get posting my friend. It’s that simple.

I found the 3 must-haves for my business are: Facebook, Instagram and my other must-have is Pinterest [even though Pinterest is technically a search engine and not social media. It’s good to use daily to attract new customers so we are lumping into this bucket.]


4 Quick tips to you started marketing your business on social media



If you love to browse Facebook and Instagram while you’re waiting for your child at dance practice, then...

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Marketing Planning for Beginners

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020

If you are scratching your head and not sure what to do first when it comes to making a marketing plan for your small business – Don’t worry. I got you covered with some marketing steps showing you how it can increase your income too!

Before you sit down and crack out that amazing marketing plan you need a few steps. Let me break it down for you so you can create an attractive newsfeed.


Marketing your Brand

Schedule time to create your marketing plan (I usually take an hour each month and check in on it each week). I sit down with a goal for my business and create posts, blogs, products, lives, etc to reach this goal. 

  • You'll want to actually this to your schedule each month. I do a huge plan each quarter and organize the vision each month with steps on what to post and when to post them. 


This time block is going to drive your business in the direction of success. I do this each month and love it. It helps me organize my days and...

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How Marketing Can Make You More Money

Uncategorized May 30, 2020

It probably sounds like a scam. I get it. And years ago (before I was doing it) I might have laughed it off as well. But stay with me friends. Let me explain what you can do to start marketing your brand to increase your business even if you don’t have any marketing knowledge.



We need to understand the basic terms for MARKETING and BRANDING before we proceed to learn how marketing can make you more money.

Our BRAND is the visual that customers get when they hear our name.

MARKETING is how we use our brand.


4 Ways Marketing Your Brand Can Make You More Money

  1. Saves You Time
  2. Builds Trust with Your Audience
  3. Adds a Professional Look
  4. Makes Life Easier as a Business Owner

I feel like I could sign off and drop the mic here but let's explore each of these a bit. 


No. 1:  Saves You Time

Having a marketing plan in place for your brand will really save you time.

No more hunting for fonts, colors, places to posts, email topics to...

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