4 Social Media Tips to get you Started

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to do first to promote your business online on social media?


There are so many free social media options out there, how can one manage them all, right?

To begin, remember you do not have to try to do them all.

Start with your personal favorite. Do a little research. 

  • Which ones are your customers on?
  • What are your competitors using for theirs?

Once you nail down and open one of your favorites – get posting my friend. It’s that simple.

I found the 3 must-haves for my business are: Facebook, Instagram and my other must-have is Pinterest [even though Pinterest is technically a search engine and not social media. It’s good to use daily to attract new customers so we are lumping into this bucket.]


4 Quick tips to you started marketing your business on social media



If you love to browse Facebook and Instagram while you’re waiting for your child at dance practice, then start there. It’s a good idea to start with what you are familiar with, so you don’t want to pull your hair out on the first day. Plus, chances are if you aren’t on the platform already, then your customers might not be either. Check out your competition and follow their lead.

Note: You might need to branch out of your box and go where your potential clients are hanging out.



Find something to post every day and stick to it. Maybe you already post the recommended 3-4 times a day? Great!

For some of my clients, that is easy. For others, they simply do not have that much to say right away.

When trying to build a brand, make sure you post at least once a day when you are starting and stay on a schedule. The more you post the easier it becomes. Just START!

TIP: Batch your efforts! Post for the week by scheduling ahead with the Scheduled Posts feature right on Facebook. Creator Studio in Facebook helps you schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram. It’s so easy and efficient for me. I sit down two times a month and search for things to share with my clients.

I also use the “Save” feature on Facebook as I’m personally scrolling. When I go to schedule, I pull these up and schedule them out in just minutes.

Want help organizing your posts? check out my Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs!



Social Media needs to be social for results. This doesn’t mean that we post pics of what we sell, what we offer, and things we have to promote day after day, and that’s it.

Your audience will probably be bored stiff! And unfollow you quickly.

  • Schedule some fun things, maybe recipes, jokes, funny videos that have some relation to your brand, and your clients' interest to help them stop the scroll.
  • Try polls and ask questions!
  • Another tip is to offer 2 different pics with your product in different settings and ask which one they like better.

These will keep people engaged with your page and Facebook really likes that!


Think of Social Media Marketing rules like the opposite of a mullet


This means runnings social media for a business is a lot of work, but it will be worth it and productive if done right.


Social Media is the opposite of the “Mullet Rule ” – Party in front, Business in the back.

TIP: If you sell home decor signs, post pics of your signs in a real home setting instead of simply posting the product. You can even tag the product on this post.

Make sure your posts are things that are in your brand. Not sure what your brand is? Try my free Training where cover how to create your stand-out brand to earn the income you want even if you don’t have any marketing experience.



Sure, it’s free to open social media accounts, but it takes time to maintain one for a business.

It can often be a part-time job for most brands/businesses especially is you want your audience to engage with you online. (When they like or comment on your posts that is great, but in the end, you want them to click your offers; share your products and bring them to your website for a sale.)

This is when social media isn’t free to get results — it takes time and great eye-catching graphics. This is why it's perfect to have your brand organized and ready to use on social media.

Social Media is free to have, but not free to maintain when promoting your business.


Feeling overwhelmed with your social media?

These real-life tips listed above will get you started in promoting your brand online, but that’s not the whole story. Humans are visual. We need to set the tone of our business' brand in these posts. 

Having your brand organized gives you the content to post on a regular basis. I invite you to watch our free training on How to create a stand-out brand that generates a full-time income even if you are not a marketing expert.

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