Marketing Planning for Beginners

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020

If you are scratching your head and not sure what to do first when it comes to making a marketing plan for your small business – Don’t worry. I got you covered with some marketing steps showing you how it can increase your income too!

Before you sit down and crack out that amazing marketing plan you need a few steps. Let me break it down for you so you can create an attractive newsfeed.


Marketing your Brand

Schedule time to create your marketing plan (I usually take an hour each month and check in on it each week). I sit down with a goal for my business and create posts, blogs, products, lives, etc to reach this goal. 

  • You'll want to actually this to your schedule each month. I do a huge plan each quarter and organize the vision each month with steps on what to post and when to post them. 


This time block is going to drive your business in the direction of success. I do this each month and love it. It helps me organize my days and eliminates so much overwhelm.


It's key to any good marketing plan. And without a marketing plan, how do you know what to post each day or blog about each week?? And your customers will be confused too

So, once you get that done you can move on to the next steps. 



Step ONE in Marketing your Brand

Decide what your end goal is:

  • More followers
  • More sales
  • A launch for a product, service, group
  • More website traffic, etc
  • A promo or sale (Like a Black Friday promo, or Mother's Day special)


Step TWO in Marketing your Brand

Break the plan down into steps you can complete:

  • Go live grow following: 
    • Schedule when to go live
    • Decide on topics that go with your step one plan
    • Prepare what to say for your live to drive customers to your step one plan.
  • Schedule time for more blogging (to build website traffic, or feature a new product)
  • Create the new products (keep business running by putting progress items like this on your to-do list)
  • Research. Some times our marketing plan means we need some 'work' time to figure things out and educate us. Maybe it's a new course or just a website feature we need to research. 


Step THREE in Marketing your Brand

Make a specific list for each step above. This is where you break it down and complete the steps needed to reach your audience with the items you defined in step one and two. For example: You're a blogger for the creative community. Your mission in June is website traffic for brides looking to DIY their wedding...

Promote Wedding DIYs for June

  • Write blog posts about wedding DIYs
  • Create new pins for old content and schedule out all pins
  • Plan your Instagram or Facebook lives on wedding topics
  • Post on social media for tips (links to your site) for the wedding DIY audience

Start with what is manageable. If you haven't blogged yet, don't commit to 4 or 8 posts a month. Maybe begin with 1 or 2 a month. And when that feels manageable and you have a few posts scheduled, go back and add more or expand on them (add videos or affiliate links to them too).


Still a little confused?

How's your brand? These steps only work if your brand is organized.

So, let me ask, do you need some branding steps? Do you know what your brand looks like? Do you know who your customer is?

Organizing your brand might be the place to start. Try my training to get you started.


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