How Marketing Can Make You More Money

Uncategorized May 30, 2020

It probably sounds like a scam. I get it. And years ago (before I was doing it) I might have laughed it off as well. But stay with me friends. Let me explain what you can do to start marketing your brand to increase your business even if you don’t have any marketing knowledge.



We need to understand the basic terms for MARKETING and BRANDING before we proceed to learn how marketing can make you more money.

Our BRAND is the visual that customers get when they hear our name.

MARKETING is how we use our brand.


4 Ways Marketing Your Brand Can Make You More Money

  1. Saves You Time
  2. Builds Trust with Your Audience
  3. Adds a Professional Look
  4. Makes Life Easier as a Business Owner

I feel like I could sign off and drop the mic here but let's explore each of these a bit. 


No. 1:  Saves You Time

Having a marketing plan in place for your brand will really save you time.

No more hunting for fonts, colors, places to posts, email topics to create, deciding on the when to post all this good stuff…

Take time to map out your plan –It will pay off ten-fold!


A marketing plan has these items all laid out:

  • End dates/Goals or Purpose to connect with customers
  • Details about how to connect with customers on the promo
  • Topics for posts, emails, and lives
  • Schedule for topics on social media
  • Specific WHEN dates defined for items above.

No. 2: Adds a Professional Look

If your website, Etsy shop, or social media platforms look messy, cluttered, and are all over the place without a hint of any sort of cohesive design. This gives viewers an uneasy feel making it harder for them to trust giving your credit card info or even an email address.

Having a strong brand is an easy way to add professionalism to your accounts. And the professional look makes it’s easy for your audience to feel you are serious about business.


No. 3: Builds Trust With Your Audience

When you have a professional brand it builds trust with your audience. This is good if you are about to ask for a credit card from them for a product sale or for them to hire you. Or for their trust to join a group of yours (free or paid) they need to believe in you. Even for something as small as an email address, this applies too.

If they don’t personally know you but if they see you look like you know what you are doing, that could far pass any other site they are considering doing business with and comparing it to yours. Keep yourself above the competition!


No. 4: Makes Life Easier as a Business Owner

This is my favorite one! It lights me up! (It’s what inspired my Entrepreneur Planner.) When you take time to map out your marketing it grows your business without even trying. You spend your time doing your “thang” and before you know it business is skyrocketing!

Having tasks to complete instead of deciding what to post or go live about today is so much more productive. Especially when your month is planned and pushing your audience towards something in your business. This is a great way to increase sales.

When you travel you follow a path.
A marketing plan is the same concept – It gets you to the end result faster!

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